BEYOND PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei DarussalamQuarterly Newsletter PAPRSB IHS Incorporates Lifelong Learning Module into Graduate Programme - 1 PAPRSB IHS Lecturer Presents Zika Virus Research at ACTMP Conference, Vietnam - 2 Japan State Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Delegates in UBD - 3 The 7th ASEAN Medical Deans’ Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam - 4 The 12th International Summer Medical School at PAPRSB IHS - 5 PAPRSB IHS Receives Nursing Exchange Students from Mahidol University, Thailand - 6 AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing Programme Assessment (Tier 1) - 7 Anti-hypertension Research by Team at PAPRSB IHS Presented at Pesta Konvo - 7 Dental Students Attend Forum in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok - 8 Pharmacy Students Participate in Educational & Research Mobility Programme at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - 8 Biomedical Science Student at National University of Singapore's Enterprise Summer Programme - 9 "Health Coach" Mobile Application Competes at BICTA 2018 - 10I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :J U L Y T O S E P T . 2 0 1 8 | I S S U E 1 4Japan State Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Delegates Visit UBD
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