I N T E R N A T I O N A L A D V I S O R Y B O A R DM E E T I N G S F O R M E D I C I N E A N D D E N T I S T R YP R O G R A M M E S H E L D I N B R U N E I H A L L , U KA successful face to face meeting with our partner medical schools (PMS) andpartner dental schools (PDS) took place in Brunei Hall in Paddington, London on the18th of June 2019. Dr. Rafidah binti Hj Gharif (Dean) chaired both meetings. The UBDteam (Dean, Deputy Dean, Programme Leader (PL) of Medicine, PL of Dentistry, andPL of Graduate Studies) met with 6 representatives from five of our partner medicalschools including Professors Martina Hennessy and Michael Gill from Trinity CollegeDublin, Professor Paula O’Leary from University College Cork, Professor KarenMorrison from University of Southampton, Professor John Paul Leach from Universityof Glasgow and Dr. Christine Kay from University of Aberdeen. Professor GerardFlaherty from National University of Ireland Galway was unable to attend in personbut joined the meeting by Zoom.  In addition, the representative for Dentistry fromUniversity College Cork also observed the meeting.  Our 2nd IAB for Dentistry was also successfully hosted at Brunei Hall in Paddington.The UBD team (Dean, Deputy Dean, PL Medicine, PL Dentistry, PL Graduate Studies)met with 3 representatives from two of our partner dental schools including Dr.Jennifer Parry from University College Cork and Drs. Simon Stone and GilesMcCracken from University of Newcastle. The team also had successful visits to theUniversity of Southampton, Newcastle Dental School and University of Glasgow. Itwas great to also to meet some of our former medical students on our travels. It wasparticularly valuable for us to liaise with partners on the ground around the firsttransfer of dental students in 2020 and to share detailed information from bothsides around the curriculum and assessment. Effective communication with our PMSand new PDS is essential for the smooth transition of our students. The visits built onexisting relationships and there will be significant follow up work/communication.New friendships were formed and existing ones were strengthened during thisimportant visit. B E Y O N D | A P R . T O J U N . 2 0 1 9 | I S S U E 1 7 2From left: Dr. Jagjit Dhaliwal, Programme Leader (PL) of Dentistry at PAPRSB IHS, UBD; Dr.Sarah Rolland, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Assessment Lead at School of Dental Sciences,Newcastle University; Dr. Anne Cunningham (Deputy Dean of Research, Graduate Studiesand Global Affairs at PAPRSB IHS, UBD and Dr. Simon Stone, Senior Clinical Lecturer,Honorary Consultant Endodontics at School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University atthe School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University as part of the International AdvisoryBoard meeting on the 20th of June, 2019
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