BDJH Vol. 05

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Promoting Health and Health Profession Through Publication in Brunei Since 2006

2012 – 2014 Volume 05

Town Service Workers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Leptospirosis

Mohd Rahim S., Aziah B.D., Mohd Nazri S., Azwany Y.N., Habsah H., Zahiruddin W.M., Zaliha I., Mohamed Rusli A.

[Vol 5:1-12 pdf]


Stroke Therapy in the 21st Century: A Case Report
Uta Meyding-Lamadé, Burc Bassa, Christian Jacobi, Bodo Kress, Corinna Schranz

[Vol 5:13-19 pdf]


The Other End of the Continuum of Healthy Eating: Orthorexia
Maria Irma Bustamante

[Vol 5:20-24 pdf]


Serving Stroke Units by Teleradiology - An Ideal Method to Share Specialised Neuroradiological Knowledge
Bodo Kress, Isham Jaafar, Christian Jakobi, Andre Grabowski, Paulouse Varghese, Uta Meyding-Lamadé

[Vol 5:25-28 pdf


Measuring Societal Health Preferences: An Introduction to the Research Protocol for Establishing the
EQ-5D-5L value set

Luo Nan

[Vol 5:29-50 pdf]


Perspectives – What’s Great About Teaching Hospitals?

David Koh, Hjh Maslina Mohsin, Lin Naing, Ahmad Faisal

[Vol 5:51-55 pdf]


Validation of a Malay Version of the Short-Form Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14) in Brunei

Mohamed A.R., Thomson W.M., Foster Page L.A.

[Vol 5:56-69 pdf]


Antibacterial Activity of NESCAFÉ Instant Coffee Beverages and Pharyngitis-Causing Streptococcus Species
Nurul Adhwa Abdul Rahman, Siti Hanna Muharram, Oduola Abiola

[Vol 5:70-79 pdf]


Community Stroke Rehabilitation Nursing and Its Relevance to Brunei: A Review of Literature

Mursidi Haji Ali, David Koh, Lesley Collier, Mary Gobbi

[Vol 5:80-87 pdf]


Atypical, Delayed Presentation of Asymptomatic Celiac Disease: Case Report and Review of Literature
Hajhamad M., Aref M., Badrasawi M.

[Vol 5:88-93 pdf]


Case Report: Intestinal Obstruction in Behcet’s Disease: A Rare Presentation.
Firdaus C.A.M., Reynu R., Kosai N.R., Das S., Salauddin S.A.

[Vol 5 unpaginated pdf]