BHSc Dentistry

The aim of this programme is to educate students in basic medical and dental sciences to a level that will enable them to matriculate to Partner Dental Schools (PDS) in order for them to complete their full dental education. The Bachelor of Health Sciences programme runs over three academic years in Institute of Health Sciences UBD, with enrolment in August and completion in July three years later. It integrates subject matters such as communication skills, ethics, environment, leadership, research, and statistics into major core modules such as Community Care, Dental Patient Care, Health Sciences, and Personal and Professional Development.

The first phase consists of three years at UBD after which students are transferred to one of the PDS for the second phase of the programme. Having successfully completed the first phase of the programme at UBD, the students are awarded the Bachelor of Health Science degree. The award of this degree is a requirement for students to progress to the PDS to complete the final phase of the undergraduate dental programme, after which successful students graduate with degrees from respective partner universities, which are currently: (i) in United Kingdom – Dundee University, Newcastle University, Glasgow University; and (ii) in the Republic of Ireland - University College Cork.

Selection Process

  1. Academic Requirements
    • A minimum of 320 A-Level points (A=120 and B=100) for 3 A-Level passes in biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics or a relevant science subject, with minimum grade 'B' OR an internationally recognised degree of upper second or first class honours in a relevant discipline from UBD or any other university recognised by the University Senate OR an International Baccalaureate minimum score of 34 points (including a minimum of 6, 6, 5 points in relevant subjects at higher level; accepted subjects will be assessed on a case by case basis)
    • Have demonstrated proficiency in the English language to either a credit B4 in English language at GCE O-Level examination OR a grade 'A' in IGCSE English OR an IELTS score of 7.0
  2. Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)
    • Students must have performed to a good standard in a multiple mini-interview (MMI) covering the pre-requisite biosciences knowledge, attitudes, ethics and other critical skills needed for a programme of medical studies.
  3. Medical Fitness
    • Must be medically certified as fit for prescribed medical fitness examination

The final selection of students is based equally on both academic grades and MMI score.

Applicants must note that fulfilling the UBD general entry requirements and specific entry requirements does not guarantee entry into UBD’s programmes as admission to all programmes is competitive and is limited subject to availability of spaces.