UBD Institute of Health Sciences SimCentre Facility

The SimCentre provides high-value education through hands-on training.

PAPRSB IHS Simulation Centre (SimCentre) features a general ward (used to simulate an eight-bedded setting), an operating theatre, a critical care centre, labour and neonates area, as well as, emergency and medical centres. The SimCentre also includes computer-controlled High Fidelity Mannequins to train students in emergency cases and Low Fidelity Mannequins for simple training.

SimCentre also runs workshops to provide participants with hands-on practical experience with simulation. Workshops cover different clinical scenarios such as advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), airway management, analysing electrocardiogram (ECG), obstetric (women in labour) and paedatric (children) settings.

With the official opening of the PAPRSB IHS Extension Building on 26 June 2014, the SimCentre was established and equipped with High Fidelity Simulators such as MetiMan, SimMan3G, SimMum, SimJunior, PediSim, iStan, HSP6 and Simulator IV Arm II. 

Since the opening, PAPRSB IHS SimCentre has received international interests from abroad. The simulation centre has been honoured to receive guests and give them simulation tours. Our visitors included academics, government officials and industry professional from various countries such as Australia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and New Zealand.

To enquiry about SimCentre related matters, please contact the Simulation Centre Team: