BDJH Vol. 05

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Promoting Health and Health Profession Through Publication in Brunei Since 2006

2012 – 2014 Volume 5

Town Service Workers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Leptospirosis

Mohd Rahim S., Aziah B.D., Mohd Nazri S., Azwany Y.N., Habsah H., Zahiruddin W.M., Zaliha I., Mohamed Rusli A.

[Vol 5:1-12 pdf]


Stroke Therapy in the 21st Century: A Case Report
Uta Meyding-Lamadé, Burc Bassa, Christian Jacobi, Bodo Kress, Corinna Schranz

[Vol 5:13-19 pdf]


The Other End of the Continuum of Healthy Eating: Orthorexia
Maria Irma Bustamante

[Vol 5:20-24 pdf]


Serving Stroke Units by Teleradiology - An Ideal Method to Share Specialised Neuroradiological Knowledge
Bodo Kress, Isham Jaafar, Christian Jakobi, Andre Grabowski, Paulouse Varghese, Uta Meyding-Lamadé

[Vol 5:25-28 pdf


Measuring Societal Health Preferences: An Introduction to the Research Protocol for Establishing the
EQ-5D-5L value set

Luo Nan

[Vol 5:29-50 pdf]


Perspectives – What’s Great About Teaching Hospitals?

David Koh, Hjh Maslina Mohsin, Lin Naing, Ahmad Faisal

[Vol 5:51-55 pdf]


Validation of a Malay Version of the Short-Form Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14) in Brunei

Mohamed A.R., Thomson W.M., Foster Page L.A.

[Vol 5:56-69 pdf]


Antibacterial Activity of NESCAFÉ Instant Coffee Beverages and Pharyngitis-Causing Streptococcus Species
Nurul Adhwa Abdul Rahman, Siti Hanna Muharram, Oduola Abiola

[Vol 5:70-79 pdf]


Community Stroke Rehabilitation Nursing and Its Relevance to Brunei: A Review of Literature

Mursidi Haji Ali, David Koh, Lesley Collier, Mary Gobbi

[Vol 5:80-87 pdf]


Atypical, Delayed Presentation of Asymptomatic Celiac Disease: Case Report and Review of Literature
Hajhamad M., Aref M., Badrasawi M.

[Vol 5:88-93 pdf]


Case Report: Intestinal Obstruction in Behcet’s Disease: A Rare Presentation.
Firdaus C.A.M., Reynu R., Kosai N.R., Das S., Salauddin S.A.

[Vol 5 unpaginated pdf]