BDJH Vol. 06 Issue 1

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2015 Volume 06 Issue 1

The Experiences of Nurses Working with People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Problems

Cithambaram K., Duffy M.

[Vol 6(1):1-12 pdf]


Effect of Nursing Interventions on Thirst and Interdialytic Weight Gain of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Subjected to Hemodialysis
Sacrias G.G., Rathinasamy E.L.,  Elavally S., Arjunan P.

[Vol 6(1):13-19 pdf]


Effect of Blended Teaching on Research Skill Attainment Among Health Sciences Doctoral Students: A Pilot Survey Results
Venkatasalu M.R., Hill M., Hwang S.K.

[Vol 6(1):20-26 pdf


Dementia in Medical Ward: A Case Report on Preservation of ‘Personhood’
Norhayani M.A., Agong L.

[Vol 6(1):21-28 pdf]


Childhood Bereavement: A Case Based Discussion and Review of Existing Research Evidence on the Effectiveness and Shortcomings of Current Bereavement Services in the UK
Thirukkumaran T.

[Vol 6(1):28-34 pdf


Low Level Division of the Sciatic Nerve and Its Clinical Significance - Case Report

Rajendiran R., Manivasagam M.

[Vol 6(1):35-38 pdf]


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “RE: Firdaus et al. Case Report: Intestinal Obstruction in Behçet’s Disease: A Rare Presentation.”

Adi Idris

[Vol 6(1):39-40 pdf]