BDJH Vol. 07 Issue 1

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2017 Volume 07 Issue 1 (Published on 30 March 2017)


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The Need for a National Palliative and End of Life Care Policy in Brunei Darussalam
Munikumar Ramasamy Venkatasalu, Teo Shyh Poh, Syafiq Abdullah, Zulkhairi Mohamad, Hasan Kelali, Asmah Husaini

[Vol 7(1):1-4 pdf]




Herbs and Their Use in Oral Care: A Review
Jagjit Singh Dhaliwal, Ramandeep Singh Gambhir, Sachinjeet Kaur Sodhi, Gursanjyot Shaheed, Nurolaini Kifli

[Vol 7(1):5-17 pdf]


Cancer Patient’s Awareness, Expectations and Carer Needs in Primary Care Settings: A Review and Implications for Brunei Darussalam
Siti Nur’raheemah Musa, Sa’adatul Akma Bakar, Fazean Irdayati Idris, Hashmet Parveen Ghouse, Munikumar Ramasamy Venkatasalu

[Vol 7(1):18-25 pdf]


Integrative Review of Literature on Masculinity, Health Service Utilization and Health Outcomes
Deeni Rudita Idris, Simon Forrest, Sally Brown

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Patient Autonomy in Health Care Ethics - A Concept Analysis
Yusrita Zolkefli

[Vol 7(1):43-49 pdf]




Effect of Prophylactic Intra-dialytic Stretching Exercises (IDSE) on Muscle Cramps Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Single Blind Experimental Study
Sujitha Elavally, Eilean Victoria Lazarus Rathinasamy, Munikumar Ramasamy Venkatasalu

[Vol 7(1):50-62 pdf]


Determining Nurse-Patient Ratio by Shift Among Emergency Care Nurses in Brunei
Hanif Abdul Rahman, Khadizah Abdul-Mumin, Lin Naing

[Vol 7(1):63-72 pdf




A Case Report of Intravenous Paracetamol Overdose in a Paediatric Patient

Lisa Lee Pei Ling, Run Jie Soo

[Vol 7(1):73-81 pdf]


Primary and Secondary VTE Prophylaxis in Palliative Care Patients: A Case Report

Sami Ayed Alshammary, Hina Rehan, Balaji P. Duraisamy, Stuart Brown

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