Cell Culture – Facilities

The PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences provides cell culture facilities and services for in vitro study of human physiological and pathological processes.  Our purposed-built cell culture laboratories, which are located at the ground floor of the PAPRSB IHS Main Building and the 5th floor of the IHS Extension Building, house advanced equipment, such as Nikon Eclipse 90i inverted fluorescent microscope, BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer, and facilities to accommodate four laminar flow hoods and storage capacity for hundreds of cell stocks (vials).  Multiple staff and student research projects in the field of cancer cell biology, gene functional studies, immunology and anti-cancer drug discovery are actively running in these laboratories

published 28/07/2022
last updated 16/08/2022

Facilities in Brief

Training and Collaboration Details:

Trainings and/or collaborations meeting the following conditions/objectives are welcomed from both internal and external staff/students:

  • Biohazard lvel 1 (BHL1) experiments using commercial cell lines
  • BHL1 experiments on primary cells extracted from animal or human tissues (with ethics approval)
  • Routine cell maintenance/propagation and storage (in liquid nitrogen)
  • Cellular experiments involving:
    • Over-expression of transfected genes
    • RNAi/siRNA or CRISPR-Cas9 knock-down or -out of genes
    • Live inspection/checking of transfected fluorescent protein using Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with blue (Dapi), green (GFP), yellow (YFP) and red (RFP) channels
    • Cell proliferation/viability/apoptotic assay
    • Cell migration, invasion, and adhesion (wound healing/transwell/spreading) assay
    • Sorting of cells by flow cytometry
    • Extraction of cellular DNA, RNA and proteins for further molecular biological studies (please also refer to our Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Facility)