Amal Widaad Binti Mohaimin

PhD Title: Development of Gracilaria extract formulation for medicinal use

Supervisor(s): Dr Sheba Rani Nakka DavidDr Rajan Rajabalaya and Dr Ihsan Nazurah Zulkipli

About the PhD:

Gracilaria is an alga belonging to a group of red marine seaweed called rhodophyta, and is widely known for its application in agar production. Studies have demonstrated that Gracilaria exhibit several pharmacological activities including being anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative,anti-microbial and anti-cancer, which are due to the presence of different active chemical compounds in the seaweed. My PhD research aims to determine the pharmacological effects of Gracilaria in Brunei to formulate a medicinal product derived from its bioactive constituents.

Amal Widaad Binti Mohaimin



BHSc Biomedical Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei (2016)


Since August 2017, I am a PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences under the main supervision of Dr Sheba David. I graduated from UBD in 2016 as a degree holder of the same programme, and have since continued onto my current candidature. I am now working on a type of red seaweed, investigating a number of its therapeutic potential in the hopes of generating a medicinal formulation which is novel, natural and effective as a preventive or treatment drug.


Yapp, C. W., Mohaimin, A. W., & Idris, A. (2017) Poly I:C Delivery into J774.1 and RAW264.7 Macrophages Induces Rapid Cell Death. Iran J Immunol. 14(3):250-256. doi: IJIv14i3A8