BHSc Pharmacy Curriculum Structure

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published 11/02/2021

last updated 16/02/2021

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All major core modules must be completed.

Completion of all major core modules in the table below contributes 86 module credits (86 MCs).

Year 1 Semester 1

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L1000HP-1211Health Science for Pharmacy 18
L1000HP-1212Introduction to Medicines 14

Year 1 Semester 2

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L2000HP-2221Health Science for Pharmacy 28
L2000HP-2222Introduction to Medicines 24
L2000HP-2223Our Patient 12
L2000HP-2224Pharmacy Professional Development and Our Community 12

Year 2 Semester 3

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L3000HP-3231Disease and Therapeutics 16
L3000HP-3232Pharmacy Professional Development and Our Community 24
L3000HP-3233Our Patient 22

Year 2 Semester 4

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L3000HP-3241Disease and Therapeutics 26
L3000HP-3241Disease and Therapeutics 34
L3000HP-3244Our Patient 32

Year 3 Semester 5

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L3000HP-3251Disease and Therapeutics 46
L4000HP-4252Pharmacy Professional Development and Our Community 32
L4000HP-4253Disease and Therapeutics 54
L4000HP-4254Experimental Design and Statistics4

Year 4 Semester 8

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L4000HP-4281Pharmacy Professional Development and Our Community 42
L4000HP-4282Our Patient 44
L4000HP-4283Research Project12


All compulsory breadth modules must be completed. 

Completion of all compulsory breadth modules in the table below contributes 16 module credits (16 MCs).

LevelModule CodeModule NameModule Credit (MC)
L1000LE-1503Academic Reading and Writing Skills 1*4
L1000MS-1501Islamic Civilization and the Modern World4
L1000PB-1501Melayu Islam Beraja4
L2000LE-2503Academic Reading and Writing Skills 2**4

*LE-1503 must be completed first before registering for LE-2503.

**LE-1503 is a prerequisite of LE-2503.

Students are required to register for non-IHS modules at the following faculties:

  • “Academy of Brunei Studies” (APB)
  • Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences (CAMES)
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)
  • Faculty of Science (FoS)
  • Language Centre (LC)
  • UBD School of Business and Economics (UBD SBE)

To graduate, students must attain at least 16 module credits (16 MCs) from external breadth modules, of which 4 MCs must be offered by the following faculties:

  • “Academy of Brunei Studies” (APB)
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)
  • Language Centre (LC)
  • UBD School of Business and Economics (UBD SBE)

Take note: To graduate, students need to attain 140 MCs, of which contributions by L1000 modules are capped at 40 MCs. 

There are four Discovery Year (DY) modules: 

  1. DC-3001 Community Outreach Programme (COP)
  2. DI-3001 Incubation Programme
  3. DS-3001 Study Abroad Programme (SAP)
  4. DW-3001 Internship (INT)

IHS students typically undertake DW-3001 (INT) in the form of 2 programme-related placements. Each placement lasts 14 weeks, with at least one DY semester abroad. 

Each DY semester contributes 16 module credits (16 MCs). 

Total Module Credits for BHSc Pharmacy (Honours) = 150

Module ContributorsMCs
Major core modules86
Compulsory breadth modules16
External breadth modules16
Discovery Year modules32

Comments on Level Requirements for Graduation:

Level Requirements Comments on MCs
L4000 modulesminimum 24 MCs* – no maximum limit
L1000 modulesmust not exceed 40 MCs**
L2000 & L3000 modulesminimum range 82-98 MCs*** – no maximum limit

*Secured by L4000 major core modules contributing 28 MCs.

**24 MCs contributed by L1000 major core modules (12 MCs), and three L1000 compulsory breadth modules (12 MCs). Optional: L1000 external breadth modules (up to 16 MCs). Note: Students may register for additional L1000 modules, but the MCs from L1000 modules are capped at 40 MCs, and exceeded L1000 MCs will not be counted towards level requirement to graduate.

***82 MCs contributed by L2000 & L3000 major core modules (46 MCs), one L2000 compulsory breath module (4 MCs), and Discovery Year modules (32 MCs). Requirement: additional L1000, L2000 or L3000 external breadth modules (16 MCs).